& NORMANDY BEACHES (75th Anniversary
June 13 - June 21, 2019

                    Pit Entry Curves from our Hospitality Suite                                                                              Late Evening visit to the Oreca Hot Pit


24 Hrs LE MANS   Our 2019 Le Mans 24hr race schedule is ‘first class’.  It has also been extended by one day to allow for pre-race visits to the Paddock and some of the pre-race events.  Once again, we’ll be joining the Toyota Team Hospitality Suite.  Tremendous viewing from the pit entry curves, full TV coverage and private vehicle trips out to the Mulsanne Straight and Indianapoli curves.  Included is a helicopter flight over the track during the race, a visit to a ‘hot pit’ and race activities courtesy of Team Oreca.  Back at the Suite, food and drinks are served all day and into the night. In the historic town of Tours, we’ll enjoy dinners ‘al fresco’ in the busy centre.   A very full schedule.

NORMANDY BEACHES 75th Anniversary  Our second section has been one of our most popular additions in years – the D-Day Beaches.  2019 is the 75th anniversary, and a number of events are being planned to honor the occasion.  Based at Omaha Beach, we meet up with the absolutely best D-Day history guide, Christophe, who will have you totally engrossed with all the details visiting the most famous sites. His history lesson is a mixture of pride, sadness and, yes, some smiles. You will come away with a completely new understanding of this beautiful place that hosted one of the most fearsome battles in history.  We have also extended this part of the program to allow for some exceptional touring in the Montormel ‘Falais Pocket’ area, and an additional visit to the ‘Mulberry Harbor’ and British sector of Arromanche.  Dinners are included at our luxury Omaha Beach Golf Resort, Bayeux and the beautiful fishing harbor of Port en Bessin.

  Pre-no waiting "Jump the Line" Eiffel Tower             Guide / Historian Christophe                US Cemetery Omaha Beach                              Point du Hoc