by Yves Naquin
Boxed book with 10 color plates
Limited Edition # 132 / 150


Without a doubt the finest publication coming out of Monaco. Inspired , edited and produced by the Curator of Prince Raniers’s Motor Museum, Yves Naquin. The large book nestles in a box which also has a tray of Michael Turner color plates, ten in all. There were only 150 boxed sets made.  This one is #132.

The book narrates the history from inception to 1990, along with all driver, grid information etc. The forward is by Juan Fangio and a tribute letter on Palace manuscript paper is signed by His Serene Highness Prince Ranier of Monaco. Also original signatures of Sir Jack Brabham, Cliff Allison, Roy Salvadori, ‘Gigi’ Villoresi and Innes Ireland are on the color plates.

by Jesse Alexander
Published 1972 - 158 pages
17" x 14.5"

The ultimate coffee table book.  Jesse Alexander’s beautiful book is arguably one of the most sought after collector editions.  It’s big, superlative, what more is there to say. I have another copy that sits in my living room alongside ‘Churchill – His Finest Hours’.  Now, that’s reverence for you.

le grand prix

automobile de monaco

by Yves Naquin
Published by Monaco Auctions - 350 pages
Limited Edition #718
This book was born out of the success of the original publication of the boxed set with color plates. (See above) It was, I believe, a misguided attempt to ‘reintroduce’ the original at an affordable price to the masses. It is not boxed.  There are no color plates, and no color pages inside. The content, copied correctly from the original, makes for an interesting read, but falls short of its intended presentation. Nonetheless, it could prove to be an okay investment just on the strength of the content.