ferrari formula 1

by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Published 1996 - 340 pages
11" x 13"

1962-1995 Rainer Schlegelmilch once again points his cameras and comes up with a beautifully historic and entertaining coffee table book.

grand prix fascination formula 1

by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Published  1993 - 400 pages
11" x 12.5"

1969-1993  Yet another Schlegelmilch.  Packed with fabulous photos, plenty of history and detail with high quality printing.  What is there not to like.

portraits of the 60's formula 1

by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Published 1994 - 320 pages
11" x 13"


Only the best photographers can depict reality racing pics and sensitive portraiture. This is one of my favorite Rainer books for his studies and choices of pics. Certainly brings the personal side alive to F1 in the golden but deadly era of the sixties.

grand prix de monaco

by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

Published 1998 - 460 pages
12.5" x 11"

Another great Rainer ‘coffee tome’. The history of the Monaco GP from its inception to 1998. Rainer used to come into the shop to sort out all his rolls of film, always laden down with cameras, lenses and all the requirements of a modern photog. Despite all the modern stuff he always carried an old Leica. Nowadays he doesn’t need the shop. With modern day cameras, in just a few seconds, he can email his shots around the World,. I saw him last year, he still had the Leica.


f-stops, pit stops, laughter & tears
memoirs of an automotive photojournalist

by Bernard Cahier

Published 2006 - 728 pages
10" x 10"

Another of those brilliant photographers who brought Motor Racing to the public.  A very nice 2 set box in a high quality finish.  The content will take you back to a period when the photogs were part of the racing scene, traveling with the ‘circus’.  Exciting events and desperately sad moments were part of the business for these men.  Well written.

Villeneuve  A racing legend

by Allan de la Plante

Published 1995 - 222 pages
13" x 10"

French Canadian Photographer/Artist Allan de la Plante almost lived out of the same bus as Gilles Villeneuve. The book is a tribute to Gilles and Allan has produced some great pics of that time. From the Formula Atlantic days through the Ferrari years. A great motoring photo journalist, Allan chose not to follow the sport after that tragic day. He has, since then, published a tribute book to firefighters, winning some coveted awards.


2 Editions

monaco grand prix portrait of a pageant

by Craig Brown and Len Newman
Photography by Michael Hewett

First Edition Published 1989 - 192 Pages
9" x 11" 

Long ago sold out. Michael was a London Vegetable Merchant who came to Monaco every year after World War II and shot the Grand Prix. Only amateur photog to continuously hold a track pass from the AC de Monaco. I sold many of these books out of the Monaco shop before Michael brought in the last box. I kept one for myself and this is the last one.

Second Edition Published 2007 - 352 pages
12" x 10"


This is a reproduction of the original (see above) with a lot more information and a lot more pages.  A superior edition, however, the original edition has much more collectors value.

formula 1 through the lens

by Nigel Snowdon
Published 1998 - 161 pages
9.5" x 12.5"

Nigel Snowdon appeared on the racing scene in the sixties and has been part of the photog set ever since.  Highly skilled in composition and light, his photos have at times a surreal side to them.  These skills shine through on this publication which are all black and white shots.  Each pic has an explanation by Nigel.  You’ll feel you were there.  

photo formula 1
the best of automobile year 1953-1978

Published 1979 - 157 pages
9. 5" x 12.5"

As the title suggests, some of the best photo shots you’re going to find. All the top photogs are represented from 1953-1978. If this doesn’t excite your senses, try curling as an alternate sport. Warning, last two pages are close to being loose. I don’t think you’ll find another copy of this book too easily.