ferrari opera omnia 1946-2002


Published 2002
10" x 12" x 5"

An extravagant publication. This 3-box set tells all, as the name implies. In three languages – Italian, English & French. Standout book for the shelf with ‘Ferrari’ cleverly displayed by the spines of each book.


una vita per l'automobile

by Enzo Ferrari

Published  1998 - 371 pages
10" x 13"

Enzo Ferrari’s life in his own words. This is a treasure. Enzo doesn’t mince words, he was a very straightforward man. While visiting Ferrari in 2004 I was shown this book during an art signing session with team chief Luca Montezemolo, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello.


racing activities 2004 pit lane

by Ferrari Gestione Sportiva

Published 2004 - 215 pages
13" x 9.5"

This official Scuderia Ferrari publication documents the amazing Ferrari 2004 season.  Apart from all the other classifications the Formula 1/Schumacher year is prominently preserved with some great pics and lots of detail.

the complete ferrari

by Roger Hicks
Published 1994 - 240 pages
14.5" x 12"

There are most probably a hundred Ferrari books claiming to be complete – this is one of them.  In 1994 it was reasonably fair to say complete.  Main emphasis is on road cars with some nice pics.


piloti, che gente...

by Enzo Ferrari
Published 1989 - 359 pages
9.5" x 11.5"

Translated: Drivers, the Men. First edition in English. Enzo’s personal comments with lots of history and illustrations.  Thoroughly recommend this book.

ferrari grand prix moments

by Jesse Alexander
Published 2007 - 96 pages
13" x 11.5"

Formula One photographs by Jesse Alexander 1954-1966. A lot of Phil Hill pics, naturally. Published by David Bull (Phoenix) now ten years ago. Foreword by Phill Hill. Excellent publication, the cover photo of Phil is priceless. This book was signed by Jesse at the Laguna Seca Historics, I believe in 2008 if memory serves me correctly.

The great marques ferrari

by Godfrey Eaton
Published 1989 - 96 Pages
9.5" x 13"

Lots of good pics. Mainly of interest, naturally, to Ferrari fans. Nice one to have for information on road models as well as track.

ferrari BY mailander

by Karl Ludvigsen
Published 2005 - 384 pages
10" x 13.5"

This is a great collectible. Mailander was arguably one of the greatest photographers of motor racing and the people involved in it. Karl Ludvigsen is exemplary with his production and editing. Another book I got from Ferrari on a visit to the roof of the Lingotto (old Fiat Factory in Turin) when Ferrari boss Agnelli was opening his famous art collection. This copy is presented as a limited edition boxed.

ferrari the grand prix cars

by Alan Henry
Published 1989 - 352 pages
7" x 10"

This book needs to be in any collection of Ferrari fans. A lot of reading coupled with some nice pics with a few color plates.


grand prix ferrari

by Anthony Pritchard
Published 2001 - 382 pages
6.5" x 9.5"

This book describes in depth the design, evolution and racing record of every Ferrari single-seater from the first supecharged V-12 models that made their debut in the the 1948 Italian Grand Prix to the sophisticated, mid-engined flat-12 cars raced in 1973.

 ferrari fifty years on the track

by John Starkey, Christopher Renwick and Philippe Olczyk
Published 1998 - 394 pages
8.5" x 9.5"

A companion book, with ‘Bizarrini’ and ‘Alfa Romeo TZ'. Philippe Olczyk has done a terrific job with these three books. The information is concise, correct and great pictures.