The Complete history of grand prix motor racing

by Adriano Cimarosti

Published 1986 - 432 pages
11" x 9"

Another book I have used over the years for information.  Specifically for checking on  autographs, which appear of almost every driver from the get go.  A ton of information plus some nice color plates.

grand prix
the cars*the drivers*the circuits

by Michael Joseph

Published  1981 - 224 pages
10.5" x 13.5"

Had a hard job putting this one up for sale! Broken into three main segments: the cars, the drivers, the circuits. Three writers: David Hodges, Doug Nye, Nigel Roebuck, as usual are brilliant. The book takes us up to 1980. For me, the highlight of this book is the 350 specially commissioned illustrations. In particular, the twenty six full page sepia portraits of the drivers by Craig Warwick, who we have sadly just lost, well before his time. The book and content is in perfect condition, the dust jacket has a little wear, a testament to its popularity

grand prix !

 by Mike Lang

Published 1981 - 288 pages
8.5" x 11"


This race by race account of F1 from 1950-1965 is practical. Loaded with information, race facts and pictures. Published in the age when color was not financially viable for many publications. In this day and age it seems dated but there is a lot to this book to like.

the concise encyclopedia of formula one

by David Tremayne and Mark Hughes

Published 1988 - 256 pages
9" x 11"

Great book for F1 freaks. Lots of info and pictures. Published for the English Motorway and high street book shops. No great secrets to learn here, nonetheless very entertaining. ‘ Go back to often’ book.



formula one unseen archives

by Tim Hill

Published 2001 - 384 pages
9" x 11"

1950-2001 Another one of those ‘go to’ books. All photos came from the Daily Mail archives. There’s some good stuff in this, details are concise, but limited.

The official 2001-2002 formula one record book

Edited by Nigel Mansel

Published 2002 - 671 pages
9" x 12"

Another official FIA book. Schumacher and Ferrari year. Plenty of reading here.

formula one world championship

edited by Bob Constanduros

Published 1990 - 256 Pages
9.5" x 12.5" 

These official FIA annuals are unsurpassed for great detail and terrific pics. Race information is always very complete. A lot of Senna information.

The World's leading grand prix annual 1990-91

Published 1991 - 288 pages
9.5" x 12.5"

 Autocourse annuals became the ‘bible’ for F1.  Particularly interesting year for Senna fans.


The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual 1992-93

Published 1993 - 288 pages
9. 5" x 12.5"

These annuals are feverishly collected by some. My interest for this particular year was purely for information. However, the race details are amazing, almost to the point of overkill. F1, F2, F3, IndyCar, NASCAR, Imsa – it’s all here. Want to know who won the Italian Formula 3 race at Rimini or the underwear used in the NASCAR Martinsville 500 (it was Hanes).


autocourse official yearbook indy car 1995-96

Published 1996 -192 pages
9.5" x 12.5"

The same format for their GP annuals was applied to the IndyCar series. The 95-96 season was exceptional and makes for good reading. Sadly on the horizon was the IndyCar/IRL split, open wheel racing in the US is still suffering from that awful decision..



formula one the cars and the drivers

by Michael Turner

Published 1983    - 192 pages

9" x 11"


A lovely book by Nigel Roebuck and illustrated by Michael Turner.  Their love for the sport emanates from the first pages and runs throughout.  A little bit of ‘Boys Own’ creeps through the pages. The book covers GP races from 1950-1982 and only includes those races that both Turner and Roebuck felt worthy.  This is one of my favorite books.