the history of motor racing

by William Boddy and Brian Laban

Published 1988 - 288 Pages
9" x 12"

One of my ‘go to’ books when I need to check up some facts. Good value.

motor racing
reflections of a lost era

by Anthony Carter

Published 2005 - 208 pages
10" x 10"

Another one of my favorite reads. Covers 1956 thru 1979, however, the main emphasis is on the sixties and into the seventies. Well written and excellent photos. Originally the front cover ‘sold’ me – bought it without looking inside. What an era!

the world atlas of motor racing

by Joe Saward

Published 1989 - 224 pages
10" x 11"

What makes this book stand out is the details on all the international circuits with illustrations by Jim Bamber. Not sure if the cover picture of Nelson Piquet really indicates the content of this book. I think the publisher wanted an ‘eye catcher’ on the book stands. Much more going for this publication than a stock F1 photo – apologies to Nelson, he was a great champion..

great moments in auto racing

by Irwin Stambler

Published 1968 - 158 pages
9" x 11"

Clever concept of ten different historic races. From Fangio at Nurburgring, the Final Mille Miglia, Phil Hill at Monza plus Indy, Darlington, Riverside, Le Mans and more. Good read.


sports car racing

by Denis Jenkinson

Published 1982 - 245 pages
13" x 10"

This very collectible book is the result of the amazing career of Denis Jenkinson.  'Jenks' was truly a one off.  He was a photographer, writer, racer and all round motor racing guru.  This was one of his last books which covers the whole history of sports car racing.  'Jenks' is also most famous as Stirling Moss' navigator in the 1955 Mille Miglia aboard 722 Mercedes.

indianapolis racing memories


by David Friedman

Published 1997 - 160 pages
10" x 10"

A nice little book by David Friedman with lots of good photos and information.  A good reference book for the Indianapolis 500.

The glory of goodwood

by Goodwood Road Racing Circuit
Mike Lawrence Simon Taylor and Doug Nye

Published 1999 - 288 Pages
10" x 12" 

Lovely book showing Goodwood from Day 1 to the turn of the century.  For Goodwood lovers, this is a must.

goodwood revival 

the First Ten years

by Doug Nye
Published by Merrell 2008 - 304 pages

12' x 12'


This boxed limited edition is sold out and I am told by Goodwood it is unavailable and will not be reproduced.  It's a very complete history with some great chapters by drivers such as Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss and many notable drivers of the period.  An emminently collectible edition.