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Formula 1 Art, Historic European Racing Tours, Motor Racing Tours from Colton, OR

Steve Austin provides the finest in historic European and Formula 1 motor racing artwork. Contact us in Colton, OR, to book one of our upscale, motor racing tours.



Steve Austin represents three major automotive artists. South American Alfredo De la Maria and England's Nicholas Watts and new addition, Benjamin Freudenthal. They represent the finest artwork anywhere. From time to time, he also represents other artists who may have a special showing.

Brian Redman and Howden Ganley

Brian Redman and Howden Ganley visiting our booth at the Long Beach Grand Prix



Our Classic Car and Racing enthusiasts programs are once again well covered for 2020.

In late March, we head for Britain with a completely original program involving the Goodwood Members meeting, followed by a journey north to include train museums, air museums, and a highlight visit to the Jim Clark Motorsport Museum in Duns, Scotland. Check this one out.

In May, we head off to Monaco for the Monaco Historics and Mille Miglia tour. Quickly followed up in July with the Le Mans Classic and Normandy program.

Come September, think UK again with the ‘England & the Goodwood Revival.’ This is our 18th return to the Goodwood event. It’s always a tremendously popular program. We have sold out for 12 consecutive years. Nothing comes close to the Revival. Don’t leave this one too late. Make 2020 your year to have fun with a bunch of really nice people. Join our Great Vacations. You’ll love it!



Steve produces the ‘best’ automobile-related tours. These programs are designed for travelers who want exemplary hotels, food, and variety for an experience of a lifetime. Steve’s knowledge of the events, the history, the racing celebrities, and event highlights are second to none. Each tour is designed to offer travelers highlight moments impossible for them to arrange on their own. Whether it’s a Hospitality Suite at Monaco overlooking the start/finish line, a celebrity dinner on the Le Mans Mulsanne Straight or a private celebrity-filled cricket match and Spitfire display on the grounds of Lord March’s Goodwood House, they are all part of Steve Austin’s Great Vacations. “My return clients and referrals amount to sixty percent of my groups. Sometimes it’s almost like a client's reunion. However, I never take any of it for granted, and with every tour, I strive to make it better than the last. That’s my high, just knowing it was as good as it could be.”

Who We Are

Thank you for visiting our website. Forty-four years in the tour business has allowed me the envious opportunity to "choose" special tour programs that, quite frankly, I get a kick out of doing. A motor racing-oriented tour, a cooking tour in Italy, a walking program in Provence or a theatre tour to New York. They all have one thing in common - if they are not a "special" experience, then I don't offer it.

As the company name implies, I am offering both Travel and Motor Racing Artwork. Having been involved in motor racing in one form or another since a boy, it was very easy for me to "back into" my Automobilia over 20 years ago. It is important to be aware this is not a website that sells artwork. It is an art gallery that has a website.

In other words, there is a physical inventory of the pieces that you see offered. Many of these pieces, I was involved within the publishing, in working with the artist and with the driver signings. Please feel free to pick up the phone and ask questions. While the artwork is stunningly beautiful, each painting tells a story, and I would be more than happy to chat with you about them.

Steve Austin represents automotive artists Alfredo De la Maria, England's Nicholas Watts, and France's Benjamin Freudenthal.

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