As a young boy, the sight of an RAF squadron flying over Nicholas Watts' house sparked a passion for capturing a moment in time.  Early classroom sketches of dogfights, aerial battles, Spitfires and Hurricanes, developed into a mastery of technical art.  Nicholas Watts grew up near Brands Hatch and the experience of watching motorsport from an early age also had a profound effect on Watts.  He was soon channeling his artistic flair into his first ever car commission, a Bugatti Type 37A.  Nicholas Watts has a passionate and atmospheric style in his work.  His technical grounding and the sense of proportion and perspective that it teaches shines through within all of Nicholas Watts' pictures.

12 Hours of Sebring - $250

Against All Odds - $525

All American Victory - $525

12 Hours of Sebring - $350

Signed by Vic Elford and Gerard Larrousse

Against All Odds - $625

Signed by Maurice Trintignant

All American Victory - $725

Signed by Dan Gurney and Phil Hill

and AJ Foyt

As Darkness Beckons - $275

As Darkness Beckons - $350

Signed by Marko, Lennep, Posey, Hobbs,Adamovicz, Attwood, Elford


BRM - The Final Victory $375
Signed by Jean-Pierre Beltoise

Fangio the Maestro - $1250
Signed by Juan Fangio
(some signed by Brabham, Salvadori
Moss, Herrmann, and Brooks)

Jim Clark OBE - $295
Signed by Dick Scammell
and Keith Duckworth

Let George Do It - $425
Signed by George Follmer
and Roger Penske

Master of Monaco - $250

Mille Miglia 55 - $750
Signed by Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson

Monaco GP 1961 - $650
Signed by Sir Stirling Moss,
Phil Hill and Rob Walker

Mulsanne Shadows - $395
Signed by Phil Hill

Scheckter - World Champion $295
Signed by Jody Scheckter

Schumacher Triumphant - $995
Signed by Michael Schumacher

Summer of 54 - $1350
Signed by Juan Fangio, Moss,
Gonzales, and Kling

Tribute to Gran Prix - $295
Signed by James Garner

Victory for Porsche - Please Call
Signed by Richard Attwood, Hans Herrmann, Vic Elford

American Thunder - $425
Signed by John Fitch

Aston Martin Victorious - $750
Signed by Roy Salvadori, Carroll Shelby,
Phil Hill, and Maurice Trintignant

Champion Supreme - Call for Availability
Signed by Michael Schumacher,
Barrichelo, Badoer, Brawn, Todt,
and Byrne

End of An Era - $350
Signed by Mandred von Brauchitsch

Duel at Sunset - Call for Availability
Signed by Bob Akin, Hans Stuck
and Derek Bell

The Final Targa - $295
Signed by Gjils van Lennep

Ferrari 1st GP Victory - $550
Signed by Jose Gonzalez and Gigi Villoresi

Jody & the 6 Wheeler - $275
Signed by Jody Scheckter and Derek Gardner

Le Mans - Price on application
Signed by Tony Adamowicz, Kurt Ahrer, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell, Vic Elford,
Hal Hamilton, Hans Herrmann,
Tonie Hezemans, David Hobbs, Jacky Ickx,
Willi Kauhsen, Gerard Larrousse, Herbert Linge, Rudi Lins, Henri Pescarolo,
David Piper, Sam Posey, Brian
Redman, Gjis van Lennep, Jonathan Williams, and Chad McQueen

Monte Carlo Rally 1964 - $395
Signed by John Cooper, Paddy Hopkirk

Monaco GP 1973 - Call for Availability
Signed by Jackie Steward, Ken Tyrell
and Derek Gardner

Porsche Domination - Call for Availability
Signed by Derek Bell, Hurley Haywood, Jacky Ickx, Jurgen Barth,
Vern Schuppar, and Jochen Mass

Regazzoni - $295
Signed by Clay Regazzoni

Race to the Line - $595
Signed by Jackie Ickx, Jackie Oliver,
Vic Elford,Gerard Larrousse, Hans Herrmann

Surtees World Champion 64 - $395
Signed by John Surtees

Targa 1972 - $350
Signed by Arturo Merzario

Targa Florio 68 - $250
Signed by Vic Elford

Thunder and Lightening - $350
Signed by Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connel, Scott Pruet, Andy Pilgrim, Frank Freon,
and Kelly Collins

Tribute to Ford - $350
Signed by Mario Andretti,
and Parnelli Jones

GICLEE on CanvasleeE

What is a Giclee? Our most frequently asked question.  Simply it is another form of reproducing art work.  Fundamentally the process involves a very sophisticated form of inkjet.  As the ‘ink’ is sprayed it can therefore use a number of differing surfaces.  Favorites being  canvas and very high quality parchment paper.  It got its name from the French ‘giclee’ roughly translated as spit or spray.  The great benefit of Giclee reproduction is that it does not have to be printed in one run, as for instance a lithograph.  It can actually be printed on a one-off basis.  This has allowed artists and publishers the freedom to produce very small editions and has opened up the opportunity to offer pieces that would have never been financially feasible as a large production run.  While the operation is carried out by a computerized method it still requires significant skill by the printer and while there are many ‘giclee’ publishers, not all share the same quality in their reproductions.

Canvas Giclee

Paper Giclee

Canvas Giclee 30”h x 40”w - $975 delivered rolled
Paper Giclee - 32”h x 34”w – $1100 - $1800 framed with original color Remarque and signatures of driver(s)
Please call (800) 452-8434 for exact pricing.

Ascari at the Station

Historic Victory

Black Flag to Chequered Flag

Le Mans 1957

Le Mans Supreme 2008

Lewis Hamilton - World Champion

Jensen Button - World Champion

Clark at Silverstone, 1967

Grand Prix at Pescara

Victory Again - Le Mans 2008

Le Mans 1953

Mario Andretti - World Champion

New Kid on the Block

Through the Rain

Coppa Acerbo 37

Blue Thunder

British Pride

Champion Supreme

Farewell to the Champion

The Flying Mantovan

German Gran Prix 1939

Final Victory

Battle Royal

Last of the Redheads

Le Mans 1970

Schumacher at Monaco 04

Schumacher at Montreal

Tribute to Senna

722 to Brescia

1955 Targa

Spirit of America

Thunder in the Street